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U Autologous offers  products derived from your own adipose tissue derived stem cells captured in a mini-liposuction procedure. The result is “autologous” because the cells grown in culture to produce cytokines and growth factors are your own.  This is the same procedure you might undergo if you were going to have a facial fat transplant procedure, which sometimes includes concentrating stem cells from the fat as an additional injectable.  In one sense the whole thing is superfluous since the skin care product contents (e.g. cytokines and growth factors) are the exact same molecules whether they come from you or from another human.  On the other hand, it has some appeal in that you may be amplifying cell signaling in a way that your own genes direct – i.e. you determined the cocktail (this is oversimplified – there are so many other variables).  Now there is no data to suggest that your genes would be superior to someone else’s – in fact the opposite could be true, as evidenced by your seeking to improve on your aging skin’s own genetic destiny.

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The stem cell science is solid enough. But does autologous topical stem cell technology offer any real advantage? The question it begs is this- why not use stem cells from younger persons? Stem cells do age, as well as reduce in number over time. The pattern of cytokine secretion may be difficult to predict.


  • “This ultra-potent serum remarkably helps to improve the appearance of the visible signs of aging through the highest concentration of Autokine-CM, an individual blend of powerful growth factors secreted by your adult stem cells. Your Autokine-CM is carefully hand blended with antioxidants, peptides, and other clinically proven anti-aging ingredients to help restore your skin’s youthful appearance.Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) secrete various cytokines, growth factors and matrix proteins when cultured in our proprietary media. Each individual’s ADSCs secrete a personalized blend of cytokines, growth factors and matrix proteins to create Autokine-CM , conditioned media that is specific to the individual. Scientific interest in Adult Stem Cells from adipose tissue (fat) is focused on their ability to transform into many different cell types. Adipose (fat) Derived Adult Stem Cells are the most abundant type of Adult Stem Cells in the body. They are readily accessible and easy to collect. When applied topically to the skin, these signaling molecules provide numerous anti-aging benefits to promote facial rejuvenation.”

  •  The science is solid. There are abundant publications on the value of adipose-derived stem cells in facial rejuvenation. While there is no theoretical reason why your own stem cells would work better than someone else’s in producing the key cell signaling molecules, it is an interesting proposition nonetheless. Even better would be to save some of your stem cells in a tissue bank early in life, to be used later when you need them. Cord and placental blood is perfect in that it is optimally youthful, doesn’t have the problems of fat derived stem cells,  and can be used in cellular therapies of all sorts, not just as cytokine factories.  This is all just a step in that direction.

  • In addition to stem cell conditioned media, contains some peptides, elastotropin, and a few vitamins. Doesn’t try to overdo it. Nothing that will interfere with cytokines & growth factors. No mention of liposomes or other delivery technology.

  •  According to the company a clinical trial was performed showing: texture improved 95% , more  youthful appearance  87%, and   fine lines reduced 81% after 4 weeks. A weak study, but the values are consistent with published studies using adipose-derived stem cell conditioned media for facial rejuvenation. Believable.

  •  While adipose stem cells are easiest to obtain, they typically display an inflammatory cytokine pattern. This is largely because of their tendency to secrete matrikines like leptin. As noted, adipose-derived stem cells may tip the balance toward inflammatory cytokines (in contrast to bone marrow derived stem cells), and the concept of you as donor has both strengths (you are unique!) and weaknesses (you are older, and so are your stem cells!).

  • Autokine-CM (stem cell conditioned medium), Elastatropin , Vitamin E,  Acetyl Hexapeptide , Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4. 

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