There is a team of expert reviewers to do the heavy lifting on the science and clinical aspects of a product review for this site. The expert reviewers examine the product literature, web sites, ingredients, rationale, referenced science, and evidence databases.  They do not necessarily try the product – that’s the job of our volunteer user reviewers.

The expert review team is composed of university affiliated scientists (stem cell biology, dermatology), physicians in clinical practice, product chemists, and estheticians.  Review tasks for a given product are assigned to one expert, but then his works is subject to a “peer review” process where debate and discussion is encouraged.  Ratings and rankings are discussed by the whole team. The final result is a collaborative, consensus review.

User reviewers  report their impressions after using a product. Anyone can become a user reviewer, but reviews are screened to assure that all reviewing comments are appropriate, logical, and well-reasoned.  A moderator may e-mail a user for clarification or editing.  We will be requesting product samples for review from manufacturers, and will be making those available for review purposes. If you are interested in participating in user trials, please sign up below. You can also suggest products for review.

Product ratings and expert are subject to change.  As new information becomes available, reviews and ratings will be updated.  Rank orders may shift. Science is dynamic, and this is a rapidly evolving field.


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