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Another product based on human fat derived stem cells, grown in culture, harvesting the conditioned media as an active  ingredient in a “stem cell cream”.  Adipose stem cells are easily obtained and cheap (they are the throw away by products of liposuction) but tend to come from … older persons (the average age at liposuction is about 50).  The good news about this product is that it has been around a long time and has an excellent track record of safety. The bad news is that the actual cytokine/growth factor cocktail may be suboptimal.  Marketing material from this company suggests they have at best a rudimentary understanding of stem cell science.  But at least they are using real human mesenchymal stem cells, not plants or sheep placentas. Points for that.

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Reluma serum contains a high concentration of human adipose derived (liposuction leftovers) stem cell conditioned media. That could be a good thing, as the science from others is good. But questions linger about this product in terms of which cytokines (did they ever measure them? are they balanced toward inflammation?) and the lack of any clinical studies of efficacy. But it has been around a while without adverse reports, so we can surmise that it is safe.


  Ingredients: Human Adipose Derived Stem Cell Conditioned Media, Glycerin, Sodium PCA, Dl-panthenol, Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose, Allantoin, Phenoxyethanol, Water.  Just the good stuff and some preservatives.

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  1. LeeAnn on

    I do not recommend purchasing this product, even though I learned about from my dermatologist. I spent a lot, used in according to directions, but I have experienced no improvement whatsoever. I have seem plenty of other poor reviews, and wished I had heeded their advice. This was a choice i wish I hadn’t made. Older, smarter, wiser now I hope.

  2. DeeDee on

    It has a odd smell, like fish after two days, but you can see it works! It get’s into the skin and smooths and plumps and make you feel good. I really like this cream. Excellent product!

  3. Alicex2 on

    Reluma serum helps with my face skin tone and texture but is expensive. Smells a bit odd to me. I stopped using it but restarted. I am pretty much convinced it makes a difference.

  4. LadyJane on

    I’m have the The ReLuma Complete Anti Aging Kit. I only like the Face Moisturizer that I use on my neck and chest at night. It’s not oily, and doesn’t have a bad odor. It is light and does not not clog your pores as some others do. I used the serum for only a short time.

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