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4.8 5.4#1 AnteAge (Cellese)Human adult youth mesenchymal - bone marrowStellar - these stem cells are body's natural healers - abundant evidenceComplete skin care system incl. many proven complementary actives 50 subjects 80-100% subjectively & objectively improved over 12 different skin quality measures Safe & effective; Best cell type from paid young volunteers; yet least expensive of the class
4.5#2 Lifeline (ISCO)Human unfertilized ova induced to embryo stagePseudo-embryonic stem cell (parthenogenetic) Very good quality ancillary ingredients in final product 93% better hydration, 73% tighter skin, elastin up 46% & collagen A1/A2 by 42%/55%.Freeze-thaw cell lysis spills intracellular content; pseudo-embryonic origin is ethical issue fro some
4.0 4.0#3 TNS (SkinMedica)Human neonatal foreskin fibroblastsNot a stem cell, but products are similar though lower conc.Simple but elegant, with high conc. cell extract in serum37 subjects 92-97% improvements in texture, radiance, elasticity, and wrinkles.
Concentrations of cytokines and growth factors from fibroblasts may be small compared to stem cells
3.8 NYR#4 U AutologousHuman adult mesenchymal fat (your own)Adipose stem cells which are not ideal - be better off using marrowMinimalist w/ peptides, elastotropin, vitaminsStudy with 81% - 95% improvements in fine lines and wrinkles, more youthful appearance.Costly procedure, autologous for topical cytokines & growth factors not required
3.5 NYR#5 Blue HorizonHuman adult (older) mesenchymal adipose (fat)By products of liposuction & uncertain yieldsNo conditioned medium, no cytokines, no growth factors according to label!Inadequate study. Meager 23% (hydration) improvement over 2 weeks. China factor, adipose stem cells less desirable than marrow mesenchymal, costly.
3.4 3.7#6 ReLuma by CellVitalsHuman adult (older) mesenchymal adipose (fat)By products of liposuction & uncertain yieldsPoor quality with a few well known baddies as potential irritants.No clinical studies reportedAdipose stem cells, muddled science message, worrisome formulation, odor, users mark down
2.7 NYR#7 Stem Factor by OsmosisHuman adult (older) mesenchymal adipose (fat)The company seems to lack clear understanding of stem cell science Formulations are pedestrian at best.No clinical studies at all reportedAdipose stem cells by a company who specializes in "harmonized water" which is dubious
3.2 3.5#8 BioEffect EGFGMO - barleyNo stem cells - uses GMO plants to create a single growth factorSticky, and the bottle is glass & breaks easily. 15 subject 4-week study w/ 20% improvement hydration, 40% elasticity.Problem of single growth factor non-physiologic and GMO plants issue.

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