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EGF serum from Bioeffect is a one trick pony. They took human DNA, isolated the gene for producing EGF (epidermal growth factor), then transfected it into barley, making a GMO version of barley that produced a human hormone. This creates several issues which were extensively documented at barefacedtruth.com  which stimulated a very high quality scientific debate you can read there. First, the barley itself (the only cash crop in Iceland) could wipe out the wild type barley in that nation, a true environmental disaster. Second, the notion of a single growth factor applied to skin raises concerns that a collection of growth factors (balanced in a physiologic way) does not.

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EGF by Bioeffect
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Of course we might want to debate the "based on Nobel Prize-winning discoveries" because that work was not about this product at all, but about the physiology of growth factors and how they operate in cancers. They have taken liberties with science. This is all about the wisdom of GMO plants and single growth factor applications, both of which are still being debated.


  •  The science is interesting, but is not stem cell science. It is more about the science of GMO plants making human proteins, and the physiology of single growth factors. You can read a thorough discussion here.

  •  Four week study conducted with 15 women in the age range of 30-70 year old. Photographic evidence showed a clear reduction in fine lines and wrinkles for those using the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum. Measuring capacitance at the skin’s surface, the team recorded an average 40% enhancement in hydration and, in the elasticity test, measured an impressive 20% improvement in the skin around the eye contour. No long term safety studies.

  • Single growth factors  in high doses defy nature rather than mimicking it. The receptor for EGF plays an important role in may cancers. Just plumping up skin by cranking on collagen  is not anti-aging, and in the long run can cause unwanted effects.

  • The impact of this product has been to stir scientific debate. Interesting politics (in Iceland).  Users seem to like it or hate it.

  • THE BIOEFFECT’ IS THE RADIANT GLOW INDUCED BY BIOEFFECT PRODUCTS. IT IS THE LUMINOUS AND DEWY ALLURE OF AN EVEN-TONED COMPLEXION THAT SIMPLY RADIATES WELLBEING AND YOUTHFUL VITALITY. BIOEFFECT’s groundbreaking products represent the next generation in rejuvenating skin care. They are the result of decades of anti-aging research and development in molecular biology, based on Nobel Prize-winning discoveries and insights. These rejuvenating skin care products are made using green biotechnology to harness the power of the skin’s own renewal mechanisms so that the skin naturally heals itself.

    They are not only powerful anti-aging treatments, helping combat the visible signs of aging, but also help to tackle dull skin to add luminosity and vitality to induce radiant skin. The results are both immediate and long-lasting and can be dramatic!

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  1. carla36 on

    It’s a bit greasy when you apply it, which causes problems with my skin. But when I cut it back I got used to it. It takes a while to settle but once it does it feels cool. I think it did help with a couple age spots though. I’m not overly impressed, but I do like it. I have tried other serums I didn’t like as well. It’s may be too expensive for what it is (a tiny bottle, doesn’t last all that long, even at just 2-3 drops a night).

  2. KelMorris on

    I was excited to try this product when I read about it in several skin care forums. I have had problems with acne (at 42), dark bags under my eyes, blotchiness, and scarring from old acne. I found it to be super moisturizing but not oily at all. It worked on my under eye darkness and the bags have packed and gone away! My skin tone is evening out, still a ways to go though. I read online that you can try dermarolling with Anteage for acne scars. I saw some great before & after pics. So I will be starting that this weekend. Only drawback with this product is the expense, but I am in the loyalty program so I get a discount whenever I buy.

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