BioTex “Stem Cell Cream”


This review applies to the whole class, not just this product. Stem cells from plants are bogus. Plants do not have stem cells, they have meristems (which is what the stem cells from apples, grapes, etc  purveyors use). Meristem cells do not demonstrate any of the markers by which stem cell scientists identify stem cells, nor do they display key identifying characteristics associated with stem cells.  In short, they are not stem cells to any scientist. Most importantly, they do not secrete  chemicals that communicate with human cells to tell them to grow, proliferate, regenerate, heal, or anything else. And yet, that is the way real (e.g. human) stem cells benefit skin.  You don’t rub the cells on, or push them into your skin. You grow them in a laboratory and get them to produce a highly refined cocktail of biochemical messengers that will “talk” to your own cells. Plant stem cells don’t know the language. No reason why they should.  So why do the makers of such products call them stem cells? Mainly it is a marketing ploy. Some of them may believe it (there seem to be very few actual scientists involved in some of these companies).  Some may know but don’t care as long as they get you to part with your money. Either way, they are wrong (scientifically, morally). For this reason we don’t even bother to review these products.  We list them in our database for the sake of completeness.

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  • There is none that makes any sense. This is pseudo-science.

  • None whatsoever by any competent authority. Search PubMed. Talk to a botanist or stem cell scientist. We have done all that and come up empty handed.

  •  The main concerns are practical (no science), monetary (waste of money) and  ethical (lack of truth).

  •   Impacts your wallet, but not your skin (beyond a potential mild antioxidant effect).

  •  Extravagant, they hope you don’t know any science and will believe.

  • =Ground up plants. Call it “flour” or “mash”.  Don’t call it stem cell material.

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