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Stem Cell Skin Care Reviews presents expert & user reviews and analysis of the best (& worst) products in leading edge anti-aging skin care science. Here are the 5  top ranked products as rated by expert reviewers, who are dermatologists, biologists, estheticians, physicians, and product formulators. Click on a stem cell skin care product name or image to view detailed information, or visit  the all reviews section to examine a larger selection of stem cell skin care products and to search by name, category, or key word.

The Top 5 Stem Cell | Cytokine | Growth Factor | Skin Care Products 

Product / Company
Source of Cells for Cytokines & Growth Factors
Expert Rating
User Rating
Cost (oz)
Online store
#1AnteAge by Cellese Regenerative TherapeuticsAdult (youth) human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells 4.8 4.8$150
#2Lifeline by International Stem Cell CorporationHuman parthenogenetic stemcells from an unfertilized embryo 4.1 4.5$190
#3TNS by SkinMedica (Allergan)Human neonatal fibroblasts (not stem cells but they do make cytokines in culture) 4.0 4.0$270
#4U Autologous by PCSYour own fat (human adipose derived stem cells) 3.8 NYR *$3,000 **Price-Tag (1)
#5Blue HorizonHuman placenta & cord blood stem cells 3.5 NYR *$295Price-Tag (1)

Stem Cell Skin Care Science can be Confusing

The editors and reviewers here are all science nerds and our passionate pursuit of the best stem cell skin creams on the planet separates us from neurotypicals and puts us somewhere on the spectrum. That being said, we think this whole subject is critically important to survival of the home sapiens species. Especially to skin care aficionados (many of whom also qualify for nerddom). So our desire here is to find a way to communicate all this arcane knowledge into human-usable information.  We might not get it right the first time around, so feel free to ask questions or just say say “what???” whenever we obfuscate. We have gathered together a knowledge base which we hope will be helpful.

The Science section is the start. We will link from there to additional (deeper, even more confusing) resources.  Abundant misinformation about stem cells applied to  skin care has created misconceptions  which we attempt to correct. We will also point to newspaper & magazine articles & web sites that have added to the confusion, with some gentle correction.   –The editors